Inherent Selfishness

I heard a guy say today that everything he does is for his sons. I’m sure he was sincere, but I couldn’t help thinking he was wrong. We live in a constant state of suffering – yearning. I’m rarely satisfied. My hunger never stops. Even if I satisfy my stomach with food I yearn for energy, or sleep, or warmth, or relief from too much warmth. I can’t stop the dissatisfaction. It doesn’t go away. There may be moments when discomfort or emptiness falls out of my immediate consciousness, but those moments are short…minutes at most. That guy does a few things for his sons, but he mostly lives for himself. He adjusts the thermostat, sleeps 10 minutes longer, stops at the 7-11 for a snack, and strives for workplace glory with selfish motivation. His sons merely benefit from certain portions of his selfishness. –Carl Miller

Quitting Meat for the Army: An Unfrequented Path to Vegetarianism

I’m a big dude – 6’1” / 210lbs. I’ve been teetering on being too big to remain in the Army for four years now. I run 4+ miles daily along with push-ups, sit-ups, and other exercises. My diet is my problem – not exercise. It’s scary to think that I’m always a buffalo wing away from losing my retirement. Oh, did I mention that I also like beer…which is a problem.

My wife is a 13-year vegetarian and she seems to think that I’ll lose weight by going veggie. I’ll give it a shot. Maybe by making my body work a little harder to get protein I’ll slim down. I wish I understood the science better. I’m sure it’s not as simple as just counting calories. There are so many calorie-less foods and drinks, but they provide calories…I’m sure of it – How do I count them?

I know that I’ll have to be hungry at times to lose weight. And I know that I’ll have to pick a sustainable diet. It won’t help me to lose the weight for three months and then put it right back on – I have 10 more years before I retire. There’s no way around it. I think I have to diet forever…hopefully this vegetarian thing works. –Carl Miller