The Army Will Never Catch People for Opiates (Vicodin, Tramadol, Percocet, etc) on a Drug Test…How to Calculations Below:

-One milligram is equivalent to 1,000,000 nanograms

-One liter is equivalent to 1,000 mililiters

-Army cut-offs for morphine (2,000 ng/ml), codeine (2,000 ng/ml), oxycodone (100 ng/ml), oxymorphone (100 ng/ml)

-Half-life for Vicodin 4 hrs

-Half-life for Percocet 4 hrs

-Half-Life for Tramadol 6 hrs

Drugs circulate between the blood and kidneys and waste areas of the body as they break down, are filtered out, and metabolize into nothingness. Okay, so a Vicodin has 5-10 mg of shit the army tests for…Tramadol has 50 mg. This translates to 10,000,000 ng for strong Vicodin and 50,000,000 ng for Tramadol. The human body has five liters (5,000 ml) of blood.

Let’s use the Tramadol case since it has the most bad shit in it, has a longer half-life as a synthetic opiate than regular opiates, and it has a 100 ng/ml cut off for army drug test confirmation. One hour after the initial dose of one pill you’ll have 10,000 ng/ml in your system (50,000,000 ng of tramadol divided by 5,000 ml of blood in the human body).

6 hours later you have 5,000 ng/ml

12 hours later you have 2,500 ng/ml

18 hours later you have 1,250 ng/ml

24 hours later you have 625 ng/ml

30 hours later you have 312 ng/ml

36 hours later you have 156 ng/ml

42 hours later you have passed your drug test because you’re under 100 ng/ml


If we had used Vicodin (5 mg) it would have looked like this:

Initial dose gives us 1,000 ng/ml (5,000,000 ng divided by 5,000 ml of blood in the human body)

4 hours later you have 500 ng/ml

8 hours later you have 250 ng/ml

12 hours later you have 125 ng/ml

16 hours later you have 62 ng/ml – – – and you passed

You sorta still have to be feeling the Vicodin to get caught with it in your system. Soooooo, if a person takes the pills on Friday they’ll be clear on Monday – every weekend. –Carl Miller

Amygdala Hijacking in Joy and Anger – Reasoning on the after-effects

It’s weird the conflicting feelings you get with anger. Anger, as I understand it, is a result of broken expectations…people or things violating what you believe supposed to happen. I always get a sense of guilt associated with anger. The guilt washes over and intermingles with the anger as the anger is cooling off.

I don’t feel the conflict with the experience of happiness. As happiness cools down there’s a return to normalcy rather than a contemplation or second guessing of that happiness.

I wonder if the guilt feeling after the anger cool down is a result of the amygdala releasing control of the consciousness back to the cortex. When the release of control happens we move from acting and thinking based on emotion to thinking with logic. Logic can be confusing since we are social animals and have a tendency to want to reconcile differences rather than move forward in a state of turmoil.

That’s probably why happiness doesn’t have the same cool down reaction. It’s imagine that when we experience joy the amygdala also hijacks control from the cortex, but when the cool down happens the cortex only has to reflect on the social connections/successes we’ve made during the joyous event, which is not counter to our tendency to be social animals. – Carl