Honesty in Marriage

I think everyone stretches the truth here and there.  I also think when the stakes are higher people are more likely to stretch.  My wife, here and there, gets into squabbles with my parents and brother.  I think when she re-tells me what happened in a conversation she had with them she tends to project a story that’s one-sided.  Should this upset me?  Everyone stretches…I might leave out details in a story here and there at work to project the image that I want to my co-workers or boss.  But, I think with something personal, like my parents, that my wife should be completely honest.  I mean, the parent-child relationship is something special.  Why wouldn’t my wife respect that?  I don’t want to refuse to mediate if wither party has a problem, but damn these are some rocky waters and it doesn’t help that my wife keeps building false floors for me to fall through.

I watch the Bachelorette with my wife sometimes (you can laugh if you want to).  One of the main themes in the show is that the Bachelorette really wants the guys to open up and be honest.  While I know that I shouldn’t gain marriage advice from prime-time TV, I do feel like one of the things I really want from my wife is openness and honesty.  She should feel that if she gives me the truth that I’ll make the right decision on my own.  She should have that confidence in me.  And the fact that she lies to me shows that she doesn’t have enough confidence in me to think that I’ll make good choices if provided with complete and accurate data.  Ominous sign for the marriage. -Carl Miller

Another Reason Why I Prefer Liberal Arts Degrees to MBAs

Liberal arts majors are life-long learners.  People that developed a love for history or fiction carry that throughout their lives.  People that learned how business works in college don’t study outside of work. 

The average American college student studies 10-13 hours per week with only 11% studying 25 hours per week (according to the illustrious Google.com).  So, on the low end we’re at 1.5 hours per day and on the high end at 3.5 hours per day.  Neither of those are extremely high numbers.  I’m not sure what the researchers considered studying, but I know that I read for an hour each morning, spend half-an-hour on Duolingo (learning languages), read Yahoo articles in Spanish and French for 20 minutes, and sort through 30 minutes of stock market news – about 2.5 hours.  I’ve completed a routine similar to this since graduating college 13 years ago (17 years if you include from my Freshman Year in college). 

I’m sure this is a habit I’ve formed to fulfill the mental cravings I developed while in college.  Others, with liberal arts degrees, probably do something similar.  I can’t see a business major or a tech-guy developing the same thirst for learning.  This is why I hope my children shoot for liberal arts.  People talk a lot of shit about the arts, but I think in the long run we perform better in leadership or staff positions, we learn quicker, and we’re better citizens with a more nuanced view of the political realm.  So, fuck you non-studying retards.  My self-study has placed me orders of magnitude further in learning than you could ever hope to reach.  My potential = still within grasp.  Your potential = wasted. -Carl Miller