I Support Communism in the United States

I think equality is pretty damn important.  I actually think not having economic equality in the USA impedes on our “…pursuit of happiness.”  It sucks that communism has such a negative connotation due to the bastardization of the philosophy by the Soviet Union.  I think that if people learned some of the talking points they’d support the philosophy here.

Bernie only has slight tinges of communist ideology in his views and he wants to increase how much the poorest get paid to pull them up at their employers’ expense, pass the burden of healthcare to the corporations, and increase the taxes of people rich enough to send their kids to private school in order to increase the quality of public schools.  The Bern-Man would be fantastic in pulling people up into the middle class.  I wish the primaries were a little longer.  With some more time he would have caught Hillary.

Now we’re stuck with an ego-maniac (Trump) and a corrupt crony-capitalist (Clinton).  I’m sure the Clinton poison is less harmful than the Trump poison, but damn…we, the people, really fucked up this election cycle.  -Carl Miller

Consuming is my problem

I struggle a lot with myself, consumption, how I feel, etc.  I’m always consuming something in a futile effort to feel “good.”  The problem is that when I feel good I don’t want to lose the feeling so I consume even more to hold on and I end up feeling like crap.  I’m also in a continuous struggle to quit consuming.  I want to eat less and healthier, drink less soda, drink less beer, smoke less cigarettes, consume less TV…

When I get to a point of quitting something, though, I get an empty feeling inside me and then I fill it with the thing I’ve tried to quit.  So, I’ll stop smoking cigarettes for a month and then I’ll go buy a pack.  Or I’ll stop caffeine for a week and I’ll reward myself with a Monster.  It’s almost as if I’m not making my own decisions.  My mind gets overridden by my unconscious or something.

I do know that I feel great on the days when I consume very little.  It’s hard for me to understand why I can’t continue healthy habits that make me feel good…when I’m consuming to (mistakenly) make me feel good.  Life is super  confusing for me.  I’ll figure it out some time.  I know I’m getting there but the road is slow. -Carl Miller