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The Sound of Chewing Scratches My Soul

I don’t feel alone anymore.  There are three others like me.  I remember the first person to tell me she hated the sound of chewing.  I felt an instant connection.  I wasn’t old enough then to pay attention to personality type.

More recently I’ve met with two others that suffer at the sound of chewing.  Both see to be obsessive types like me.  It might be a mixture of obsessive personality mixed with auditory learning, and high levels of stress…but it bothered me even before the professional part of my life began.  I wasn’t stressed until recently.  So, I can rule out stress as a cause of my irritation.

I don’t understand why it plagues me or the few others that I’ve met.  I do know that they hate it in the same way as me.  They all mentioned loud smacking chewing as most bothersome, followed by chrunching, and we all agree that dogs are awful creatures when they eat  – – I have two dogs.  Can’t stand ’em.  If the wife wouldn’t kill me I’d make sandwiches out of them.  -unfigurable


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