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Dickishness and Dickosity in Daily Conversation

I’m a dick.  I can’t help it.  I tell myself on a routine basis that I talk too much, I then promise me that I will talk less, and then I break my promise to me.  My tongue is sharp.   I often leave conversations feeling that I bested my fellow conversationalist by telling the truth, but also by insulting them.  I justify my quips by tricking myself into thinking that I’m helping my colleague, but that’s not what’s happening.  It’s arrogance.  I’m placing them below me through petty slights.  It’s the competition seeping out of me in unexpected places, at bewildering times, on surprised non-opponents.  It’s disgusting because I do it to people who trust me.  They like me.  They always forgive me.  My underlying dickishness knows how far I can push.  I never cross the line of no return.  My dickosity is too sneaky to be caught.  Even if confronted on my offense – I always wiggle out. -unfigurable


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