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MIB: The Will Smith Proposal

Do you ever think about Men in Black?  Tommy Lee Jones offered Will Smith employment as a secret agent.  In exchange, Will Smith elected to drop all previous personal contact, erase his life, promise to never go back, and dedicate himself in toto to his career.  Who does that?  Why do we work?

I understand that people gain fame for work, not for personal lives. But do you think Abraham Lincoln would have ran for president, and fought a 4-year war, if we told him that he’d have to delete Mary Todd from his life in exchange?  I don’t think so.  We need personal relations.  We build ties.  They strengthen us as human beings.  Anyone without close and lasting relationships is less human than those of us with relationships.

We work.  Some of us enjoy work (I don’t).   But we work for our life outside of work.  If we get priorities confused and place too much emphasis on work we get in trouble, and that usually affects our work.  -unfigurable


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