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Prick, Nice-Guy, or Muse?

I started the year thinking that I had to develop my inner prickishness.  I thought it was part of leadership . . . that it would enable me to get more accomplished.  I think I was wrong.  Every time I’m a prick my actions come back to haunt me.  But then again, when I’m not a prick my inactions haunt me as well, because things don’t happen as fast or don’t happen at all, and I’m held accountable.  So I’m fucked.  I can be a dick to everyone and grit my way through the complaints for my borderline bullyish and abusive approach, or I can be a nice guy, everyone feels comfortable, and nobody works.

Maybe I should try to develop my inspiring character.  If I do that I can inspire people to work for me without being a prick.  But I have the feeling that if I could inspire people to work I would have developed that trait already.  I also have the feeling that inspiration works at higher levels of leadership and I’m a mid-level manager – I need to move up the chain a bit before I can see if my inspirational side is effective.  But I can’t move up the chain if I’m not a prick.  Fuck! -unfigurable


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