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Big Brother and the Army

It’s an awesome show (Big Brother).  I like seeing how the people interact and game play.  It’s similar to Army relationships among people of the same rank, but more magnified and extreme.  We, in the Army, compete against each other on our evaluations.  Our boss has to rank us against each other.  My immediate boss has five Captains he rates, so his portion of my evaluation would read “one of five” if I’m the best, and “five of five” if I’m the worst.  My Senior Rater rates 26 Captains, so her portion would read “three of 26” if I’m third.  The rankings matter because the Army may be cutting personnel by as much as 40%.  People with good evaluations won’t get kicked out.  So, I like watching Big Brother because the way I interact with other Captains and the perception others have of me effects my evaluation.  I’ve only talked to my Senior Rater about five times in a year…she doesn’t know me well enough to create her own perception, so she has to rely on the opinions of others.  -unfigurable


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