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Me and Eddie

We spent all day long getting sober.  It’s not physically hard to do.  It’s just hard if you don’t have a reason to recover, or if you have something to do, or if you have someone to deal with that you don’t want to deal with.  Me and Eddie didn’t mind each other’s company (doesn’t it seem like “each other” should be one word?).  He didn’t add stress to my situation because he didn’t want to hear about my problems, and as long as I didn’t talk he didn’t have a problem with me.  He was kind of burnt out in dealing with mortals.  So, he lost his temper listening to others muddle about, but I didn’t feel a need to close gaps in conversation with new ideas and topics, so we were good.  I just kept quiet.  Our silences weren’t awkward.  You stop thinking about the silence between you and another being if the silences happen often enough.  Every now and then I think about how I can become pensive when I’m with Eddie, the same way I can when I’m alone, but I can’t do it when I’m with people.-unfigurable


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