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Relooking Discipline in the Organization

I thought that discipline was the answer to running an organization.  The idea that I had was that it didn’t matter if my organization had talent or not, or if my people were motivated or not.  All that mattered was that people knew the rules and knew that they had to follow them.  I thought it would be best to simplify everything so people would not have to think.  They would know what to do in every situation.  It would minimize risk, and reduce the chance of failing.  We would not be fantastic, but we would not fail either.  We would play it safe.

It turns that if I want to do that it will work, but everyone will be miserable.  Morale will be low, and problems will rise.  I will also be a hated person.  I know it’s about “leadership” not “likership,” but I’m not sure that I’m as effective when I’m leading and hated.  People aren’t innovative in that type of environment, and won’t do the extra thinking.  It’s hard for me to imagine what they will have to do in every situation when I’m not around – so I can’t tell them everything.

I need to readjust. I need to find a middle ground with discipline and wiggle room so people will feel like they are making a difference and we’re striving for excellence as an organization.  People need to feel like they are special.  They also need to feel like they are part of something bigger than them.  I need to give that to them, but I need to maintain an environment with minimal risk and maximum controls.  I think I can figure this out.  I still think discipline is the key.  I just need a new way to go about enforcing it.  I need to enforce it without making it look like I’m shoving it down everyone’s throat.

I need to be deceptive.  I need to trick people into thinking I’m nice, but also create an environment that forces people to conform, and punishes those that don’t conform.  Maybe I can set up a false bad guy – a straw man – a fall guy.   I’ll need to be creative in this action.


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