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Tips for Parole Boards

Dude, that’s fucking awesome that you’re up for parole soon. It’ll be weird having you out – even though we’ll live in different states. Maybe I’ll have a reason to visit home again. I think I told you that I didn’t go down for X-Mas this year. It sucks there. There’s nothing to do aside from hanging with Wifey’s parents and that’s a terrible experience.

I read a study about how people make poor decisions when they are tired. Sometimes the decisions we make when we’re tired are so bad that the decisions are immoral.  The study focused on parole boards. The default decision of the parole board is to deny parole to prisoners because the board hears so many cases during the course of the day that the members stop seeing the prisoners as humans and start potential crimes and increased workload instead.

The study showed that the best times to go in front of the parole board are early in the morning and right after lunch. The mornings are best because the people on the board are still refreshed and are more likely to pay attention to the human element. The board is refreshed directly after lunch as well since they have had time to unwind for a bit during lunch.  These are the times when the board members still have the patience to listen to the case.

If your lawyer has any pull in the timing of the board I’d push for the first hearing in the morning or the hearing just after lunch.

People also associate brightness and warmth with positivity – just based on word association. Word association does funny things to our brains, and confuses us. Studies showed that parole boards that drank (warm) coffee instead of (cold) soda or water were more open to granting parole because they had warm drinks, which in turn made the board warmer toward the people asking for parole. The boards also granted more parole when the room was brightly lighted or painted. The board tended to see the people asking for parole as smarter (brighter) than when the room was dark.

People like people that listen (don’t interrupt), and feel comfortable with people that are positive. People smile more when surrounded by others that smile. It’s infectious.

Studies show that when a defendant in a court case smiles he is just as likely to be found guilty as the guy that doesn’t smile, but the smiler is more likely to receive lighter punishment for crimes committed.

Weird huh? -unfigurable


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