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Family or Profession?

We all have a choice to make once we realize our talents.  Do we want to be great fathers and family men, or do we want to be great professionals?  It takes obsession to be great at something.  Compromising in both for moderation brings mediocrity in both.

If I choose be a great professional I’ll possibly accomplish great things, but my relationship with my children and wife will suffer.

If I choose to be a great father and family man I’ll have close relationships, but I will not have accomplished anything tangible in my life.  -unfigurable


2 responses to “Family or Profession?

  1. Most people choose success over family life. Nowadays Professions are chosen by dollar signs and not the true passion for that career field. Doctors who don’t like people, Lawyers who have anxiety disorders, Musicians with stage fright, and many more. Many people would rather be known as the greatest whoever lived rather than the best dad or mom ever. Everyone makes sacrifices and in the end that individual is responsible for his or her choice. There
    is a balance that can be achieved, but it’s at the expense of never really being the best in each particular role.


    • which do you chose-family or profession?

      I want my children to reach the stars professionally. I may even emphasize to them that I’d rather they didn’t even think about starting a family till they hit their 30s – so they can concentrate. Of course, I’d rather they didn’t become a lawyer with an anxiety disorder, but I think that’s the point of waiting to start the family, so they can figure themselves out before trying to figure out other people.

      I wonder if my parents are disappointed in me for starting a family and then seeking a career…-unfigurable


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