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sluts and peripheral vision

Have you ever noticed that predators have eyes facing forward (ie tigers) and non-predators have eyes on the sides of their heads (ie parrots)? I read a study about how human women have better peripheral vision than human men.  In sexuality, men are the hunters, and women are the prey. 

Men can’t help but to look directly at a beautiful woman unless they consciously try not to look at her.  It’s natural.  It’s how we check them out to see if they are a desirable mate.  Women check men out as well for desirability.  But because their peripheral vision is better they don’t have to look directly at the man they are checking out to gain an assessment.  Women are also naturally more selective for the consequence of pregnancy.

So men can’t help but to try to gain eye contact with a woman.  It’s the man’s purpose in life to procreate and spread good genes.  It’s up to the woman if she wants to allow the man to gain eye contact or not.  She knows this – although it may not be a conscious knowing. 

If she allows the man to gain eye contact for more than a second she’s sending a purposeful signal to him that she’s open to an advance from a desirable mate.  It’s her choice to decide if she wants to be hit on or not.  Not the man’s.  -unfigurable


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