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How many close friends do you have? I bet it’s countable on your fingers…

I need more close friends.  But then again, everyone needs more close friends.  How many people can you call just to talk about the mundane, your epiphanies, your past, and your future?  I have four souls that I trust to listen to me and one soul that I can email/write.  I don’t think I can maintain any more friendships than I currently have.  So, I need to put more effort into the souls that matter to me right now.  Of the five close friends I have, I’m growing more distant with two.  I’m putting so much effort into my professional life of late that I’ve neglected my best friends.  If those friendships go without regular attention for long I won’t feel comfortable with them when I need them.

That’s the problem.  I don’t pay attention to my friendships when things are going well, because at those times I don’t need to talk to anyone.  But when things aren’t going well I need people.  When I need people I have to work on building my relationships, rather than working out my problems, because I’ve neglected the friendship for so long.

I guess it’s like Physical Readiness Training (PRT) in the Army.  Some Soldiers only do PRT when they know a test is near, but they end up failing the test because they neglected to maintain their readiness in times when the test was not near.  The best option is to maintain physical readiness at all times.  It’s the same with relationships.  I need to call my friends more often to bullshit, so those friendships will be ready when the test is near.  -unfigurable


2 responses to “How many close friends do you have? I bet it’s countable on your fingers…

  1. I believe the older you get the less true friends you have. The closer you get to the top the smaller your circle of friends get. I would rather have 2 or 3 friends versus 100 fake friends.


    • Can’t we have 2-3 true friends that we pay attention to, and have 10-20 potential friends that are on the back burner for when we need them? probably not. but I can dream right? I feel like I don’t have enough homies at the moment. -unfigurable


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