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cardio, fat burn, and the 30 minute mark

Nobody has done a good job of explaining it to me, so my concept of exercising to lose weight may be incorrect.  I picture burning fat and losing weight as a tipping point.  My understanding is that fat burn begins after 30 minutes of a cardio workout.  So, all the calories burned before 30 minutes in the cardio workout aren’t fat calories (maybe they’re carbohydrate calories?).

So the purpose of the work-out is to continue to work after that 30 minute period.  For the first 30 minutes of every workout, I am not accomplishing anything aside from getting to minute 31.  The longer I can go after the initial 30 minute period pays dividends because if I quit at minute 40 I’m only getting 10 minutes of fat burn.  So instead of stopping at 40 minutes because I’m tired I might as well go to 50 minutes because if I don’t I’ll have to work for 40 more minutes tomorrow to gain what I would have in 10 more minutes today.  Does that make sense?  I’m sure it does.  But I’m also sure that my ideas are skewed or they aren’t based in facts.  Can anyone tell me if my understanding is incorrect?  -unfigurable


4 responses to “cardio, fat burn, and the 30 minute mark

  1. I think that is correct.So the first 30 minutes is the warmup and the minutes thereafter is where you really get your workout in. Over the course of 6 weeks I work out on the treadmill or elliptical 20 minutes then alternate with weight training. I alternate between 10-20 minutes of cardio and weights for a total workout time of 2 hours. I used to run track & field and play tennis so I am used to working out hard. I am a workoutaholic lol.


    • Good for you on the two hour workout. I think my mind shuts down after an hour. I do pure treadmill, and then some pushups and sit-ups at the house. But that’s all I need to do in the Army.

      Our bi-annual PT Test is a test of run, pushups, and sit-ups. -unfigurable


  2. nsanit

    In my doctors office there’s a number of posters with the slogan, “play an hour every day”. It’s good to get your heart going for about an hour. I do 40 on the elliptical and 20 on the bike. It’s also good to do cardio AFTER weights. Honestly though, I got much better exercise running at the track and then I’d go ball at the neighborhood court afterwards. Plus having so much excess energy and speed from being able to run, I was owning the court. Not to mention ability/whatever. I was busting out spin moves and stuff no one thought I could do.


    • I see a lot of people doing cardio first. I always thought they wanted to get their heart rate up through cardio, and then try to maintain it while they lift. I need to get out more and “play” too. I’m 31 and broke my thumb in November playing organizational flag football. The doctor told me I’m too old to play football. I think that doc gave me bad advice…-unfigurable


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