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Clinton, Petraeus and Woods all ignored their needs for too long

Life has gaps in it. The gaps are the times when we feel unfulfilled, like something is missing from our experience. When we reach a gap we are in danger of making a bad choice, or of doing something immoral or illegal.

Some people are able to ignore the gaps for long periods of time, others aren’t. I, currently, do not ignore my gaps. I fill my empty voids with small indiscretions – usually by doing things that are unhealthy for my body like smoking a pack of cigarettes, getting drunk, drinking caffeine, or going to the doctor to obtain a prescription of sorts.

My way of dealing with the gaps is certainly unhealthy, but it doesn’t hurt anyone. I think the so called “Sex Addicts” are also trying to fill some gaps. Tiger Woods, President Clinton, and General Petraeus all handled their gaps in ways that were healthy for their bodies, but harmful to others.

I think the longer people ignore their gaps the larger their indiscretion will be once they give in to their needs. Moderation is the key. My goal is to moderate my drinking, smoking, and popping when I do reach a gap in experience. Once I realize that I am experiencing an empty feeling, and that the empty feeling is normal and fleeting, I think I can deal with it in a better manner. Good luck to me. -unfigurable


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