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Forehead Cards and Dating

Imagine a game with 52 people.  Everyone pulls a random card out of a standard playing card deck.  They don’t look at their card but instead affix it to their forehead.  The object of the game is to pair up with a person who has the highest card that is willing to pair up with you.

Think about a Six and a Jack pairing up.  A Ten walks over to them and starts talking to the Jack, but won’t talk to the Six.  Who will the Jack pair up with?   You guessed it…the Six needs to find a new partner.

Allow the group to continue talking for 15 minutes. In the end, you’ll find all the Aces together.  Kings will pair up, as will the Queens, and on down the line.  Like numbers will find each other.

This game is similar to dating, or finding friends.  We pair up with people in life that are of a similar quality as us – whether we realize it or not.  We have to be selective in picking to whom we will give our time.  We do this subconsciously – we just “click” with those that are of similar quality as us.

It takes more than 15 minutes in real life to figure out who we want to spend our time with, but then again no one has a card on their forehead.  But this is the world we live in…-unfigurable


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