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Isolation and Personal Growth

Isolation leads to personal growth, or at least it does for me. It welcomes introspection and analysis, enables me to peruse through available activities without considering the needs of others, and forces me to find and push my endurance limitations at reading and writing.

I like my family. I don’t need them. I would do fine without them. Is it wrong that I choose to remain married because of want rather than need?

Even within the marriage I need alone time each day to re-energize. If I spend a short amount of time alone it’ll last for the day. If I can figure out a way to gain a day alone I’m energized for a week. If I can spend a week or more alone it becomes a rapid personal growth spurt event. I use my alone time to read and write. I tend toward analysis and turning in on myself in reading and writing. How could I not become stronger and better when left alone? -unfigurable


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