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Sleeping-in Doesn’t Work

I read a study that showed if people sleep-in on the weekends, when they wake up early on weekdays, it throws off their internal clock. In effect, they become more tired during the week following the sleepy weekend. I feel the proof of this study.

I wake up daily at 4AM for work. I’m not tired throughout the day. I go to sleep at 9:30PM, which isn’t cool, but I’m not tired any day of the week.

I used to work a day-on-day-off schedule. During that time I woke up at 4AM on Mon-Wed-Fri, and slept in on Tue-Thur-Sat-Sun. I was tired during that time period on my early days. I remember needing a nap during the workday.

I hate my current work schedule, but I realize that as long as it is within a routine my body and mind can handle it. I can do this. -unfigurable


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