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New Drug Traceable Through Library Card

A new mother fucking drug hit the streets. And it’s fucking legal until “they” figure it out…

WARNING: it could lead to drastic measures such as considerations of attending graduate school, acceptance of alternative sub-cultures, and beliefs contrary to propaganda from the media.

CONTENTS: reading, writing, and generalized engaged conversations mixed with caffeine.

EFFECTS: seeing the world through a new set of eyes. The world becomes crisp looking, lines are defined more. Users report the feeling of wearing a pair of glasses for the first time, seeing at 10/10 vision instead of 20/20 vision, euphoria-like feeling, and desire to experience a walk alone and experience the world through new eyes.

CAUSES: reading, writing, and engaged conversing with caffeine causes epiphanies. Epiphanies lead to a shifting of ideas currently held in one’s brain. The user has currently set beliefs that need to make room for the new idea gained through learning. The new idea will modify currently held ideas in a rapid manner to integrate into, and compromise with, the already existing view of the world.

DURATION: this rapid development of the brain causes euphoria know to last until the idea is expressed through writing or talking, or the user falls asleep. -unfigurable


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