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Self-Development More Optimal through Work or Rest?

Does development take place more rapidly and in a deeper way through work or rest? New employment and new work positions push people into challenging situations, but in time work tasks become repetitive, and the individual development may halt. Rest offers time for self-motivated study, but people rarely push themselves into unfamiliar territory without a work task at hand.

So it seems work offers a chance for new self-development, but the development is topical. It only grazes the surface. Rest offers an opportunity to delve deep into developing areas that we are already familiar with.

If I were to stop working from ages 30-40 would I be a more competent person at 40 than I would if I worked from 30-40. I know the resume would look better with work experience…

Does having a family offer development that transfers into competence in the work force? Do we gain work competence from close relationships?

Do we need to be stressed to develop? Muscles need stress for development. Maybe it’s the same for our minds. -unfigurable


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