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Leaders Naturally Don’t Think About People

When people move into higher leadership positions they start to focus more on tasks than on people (including themselves). It happens because they become the ones responsible for their organization completing tasks, the ones that credit for tasks completed, and the ones that are punished (in whatever way) when the organization fails. It’s natural that leaders forget about people…especially if given a leadership position over other leaders.

I don’t want to be an unconscientious leader though. I see myself slipping toward that, because the leaders above me push me to accomplish tasks beyond what my manpower supplies. The problem is that the more I consider the lives of my subordinates when giving them tasks, taking their time, and making them work toward a goal, the more likely I am to fail in whatever goal I’m working toward. If I forget to consider the feelings and time of other people, if I become cold to the world, the more likely I am to succeed. -unfigurable


2 responses to “Leaders Naturally Don’t Think About People

  1. Thank you for your honesty. The idealist in me doesn’t want this to be true, but I’ve seen it happen time and again.


  2. no problem. it’s super easy to be honest on an anonymous blog. -unfigurable


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