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I can’t stop talking

I talk too much. I’ve been telling myself to shut up for years. I read a lot, so I gather lots of ideas that I like to share, especially when those ideas spark an epiphany. I also tend to gather opinions from a lot of people before making a tough decision, and to gather opinions I need to talk to people about my dilemmas. I use talking to work out problems. But I need to stop talking.

My wife takes what I say the wrong way constantly. I can imagine that people at my work probably think I’m too chatty.

How do I turn it off? I can’t seem to help myself.

When I’ve tried to stop talking so much in the past I’ve been accused of being rude. This is going to be hard. -unfigurable


2 responses to “I can’t stop talking

  1. aaw..chatty is good! my friend gives me the silent treatment when hes upset with me 😦


  2. that’s good to hear. I’m failing in my attempts to be quiet. I don’t know if I can figure this thing out…even if I am mad. -unfigurable


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