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Competence and Illusion

Are we all overconfident about our own abilities? Studies show that 80% of people believe they are more competent than 50% of people that they work with. It can’t be. I do believe that I am more competent than my peers. I actually believe that I am the most competent. That probably means that I don’t know myself very well. Or maybe it means that I don’t know others very well. It has to be one or the other.

Maybe it means that even though we are all doing the same job we have differing priorities, and we subconsciously select our priorities based on our abilities. For instance, a Wal-Mart cashier that is young and quick with his hands may think that the most important part of his job is to scan items quickly, while an older more experienced cashier may think that the objective is to show customers kindness.

Maybe I pick me as the most competent person at my job based on a weird priority list that I’ve set, and I don’t even know it. Hopefully my boss has the same priorities. -unfigurable


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