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Lost my soul to work

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve slacked-off in spending time with the children lately. I remember, in the past, taking them on daily bike rides when they had training wheels, reading with them for at least 30 minutes every night – sometimes for an hour and a half if they stayed interested, and playing with them throughout the day.

Now that they ride without training wheels it’s a different story.

I work so many hours that I only catch them at bedtime for 30 minutes about three times a week, and I don’t have the energy to fully interact with them. I also stopped playing with the children on the weekends because I’m often called in to work on short notice. Or I’m so tired on my off time that I can’t help but zone-out in front of the TV.

I, and the children, are lucky that we have an engaged mother to rely on. But I still feel that the kids are missing out on something from me that mom can’t provide – something that my work has stolen from them. My need to please on the job is robbing two human beings of intelligent, developmental, and fun guidance. And I can’t seem to help myself. -unfigurable


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