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The debate within me

The wife says that I contradict myself a lot. She’s right, because the cosmos inside me (and everyone else) are vast. We all have competing voices in our subconscious that we do not realize are debating about our choices, unless the decision at hand needs to come to the executive level (the conscious).

Think about when someone offers you some chocolate cake at a party. Your experiencing self wants that cake, and makes a bid for it, while your rational self argues that you should concern over your waist line. You may end up choosing the cake, but not without a compromise to yourself that you’ll eat lite the following day or work-out at the gym in exchange. In the end, you are arguing with yourself over something as insignificant as a piece of cake.

My wife states that I contradict myself. I think it’s a result of learning. If I said five years ago that I don’t want my children immersed in video games, but found out recently that some video games help development, would I be wrong to change my mind? If I prefer that the children do not rough house, but notice that a little scrap with them is a good way to bond, am I wrong to put one of them in a headlock. I constantly change my mind on things. I can’t help it. I don’t think I have any control over it. It is a debate within me that I am not aware of. -unfigurable


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