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Less experience is better

Less experiences is better than more. Think about happiness in the moment on a scale of one to 10. I used to smoke. Now any experience I have feels less than perfect unless I have a cigarette in my hand. Now that I’m smokeless my scale only goes to a nine. If I had never smoked I would still be able to reach a 10.

I’ve also been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. My time there expanded my view of fun. Because of that every other moment by moment experience is less than Mardi Gras.

Now consider a pair of twins conjoined at the head. The twins report that they are at a level 10 in happiness just sitting on their porch. They’ve never experienced anything like a cigarette, or marijuana, or Mardi Gras. They, most likely, have not had sex. Their world of experience is small. Their 10 is simple…but probably just as enjoyable as mine.

You may think that they don’t know what real fun is, or that their 10 is only equivalent to my seven. I believe that a 10 is a 10. I would not experience a 10 sitting on their porch because of my past experiences. I can never shrink my world again to what it used to be. I wish that I could. -unfigurable


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