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why is my wife so mean to me?

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be as nice to my wife as I am. Admittedly, sometimes I cross over and act like a dick, but for the most part I stand by, hold my tongue, and go about my business while she berates me, treats me like one of our sons, and makes snide comments about all that I do or think. I’ve come to expect that if I state an opinion, she’ll take up the other side.

The only times I can get her to be nice to me is when I do stick up for myself, but I always feel guilty about standing up to her afterwards because she acts hurt, and is suddenly nice to me.

I know I only see our relationship from my perspective, but most of the time I can’t figure out why she’s so mad.

I’ve heard that women like assholes. Could this really be true? I hate assholes. -unfigurable


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