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Ideal self far from the actual

It could be that my ideal self is low brow. I enjoy watching HBO shows like “the corner,” “girls,” and “sopranos,” but I’m an Army Commissioned Officer that lives according to a moral code that restricts my life choices and even breads a line of thought that leads to me taking action against people with low standards.

I like the idea of shopping at Goodwill for my clothing, because designer clothes are over-priced, but I’m certain that the pants I’m wearing cost over $50, my shirt the same, and my shoes probably cost twice that.

I dream of retiring and attending large scale protest rallies that seek to better the lot of the average American, bring peace, and put an end to the rich taking advantage of the poor, but I’m a member of a fighting force that serves as an engine to maintain the status quo in the world.

I may have an identity crisis. -unfigurable


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