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Confronting Me

Do I like to help my parents because I want them to benefit from my help or because it makes me feel good to be a helpful person? Am I being nice for my own self-gratification?

The Army gave me thirty days of leave before sending me to Kuwait. With that time I moved from Virginia to Texas so the wife could be close to our families while I’m away. I’ve realized while I’m here that I like helping my Dad with his yard. He’s getting older and needs his fence replaced, yard re-sodded, and trees trimmed. I’m helping him and I like it.

I never realized that I liked helping before. It’s crazy that the Army consumed so much of my time that I didn’t know who I was for the past several years. All I needed was some time off to discover me. Will I remember who I am once I start work again? Will I continue to confront myself? -Carl Miller


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