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Note to Best Buy


I project that I and my children will continue to use Best Buy for our device, technology, and connectivity needs for the foreseeable future. It is for this reason that I’m emailing you. From my perspective, the Customer Service at the Best Buy in Killeen, TX, needs improvement.

First, the store needs more employees in the Geek Squad department to manage incoming customers. Send a representative to the store and monitor the employees for a day (without the employees knowing it). You’ll find that customers waiting to speak with the Geek Squad are confused on how to sign in to see an agent, are not informed of the appointment process, wait for hours before being served, and (at times) find the employee overworked, rushed, and not focused on the customer’s concerns or feelings.

The majority of the work to be done at your store is in the Geek Squad Department. I understand the most of the money to be earned for the store is in sales, but an intelligent, courteous, and fast Geek Squad will keep me shopping at Best Buy for decades even if I can find lower prices elsewhere.

My second point is related to the first. The appointment process is not apparent. There are no signs in the store and the employees do not inform the customers. In my personal experience I saw other customers cut in front of me at the store so I figured they must have an appointment. After receiving help that day I asked the agent and she told me that I could call for an appointment. So, when I next needed help I Googled “Best Buy” and called the number. The employee that picked up the phone, after placing me on hold for twenty minutes, told me that I had to call 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD to make an appointment or come into the store in person to make an appointment. I asked to be transferred and was denied.

It doesn’t make sense that I can’t make an appointment over the phone with the store, but I can with 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD, and if I choose to make the appointment with the store I have to do it in person. If the store can make appointments in person why can they not do it over the phone? If I can give the information necessary over the phone to a person from 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD why is the store employee incapable of taking my information? And why can’t I be transferred?

Last, I purchased internet security for my Surface Pro that I bought from Best Buy and was told I could use this security program on my other devices. It worked on my Surface Pro, but is incompatible with my Surface and my Toshiba lap top. I had to go back and purchase a second internet security program for these other devices. I rely on Best Buy for expertise. I trust you. I like shopping with you. Please do not make me spend extra money with your store on improper/non-universal merchandise. Thanks for everything. I’ll continue shopping as a proud Best Buy customer.

Very Respectfully,
Carl Miller


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