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Organization: You have it or you don’t…

Organization. Once of adult age you have it or you don’t.

I am a daily organizer. I sweep and dust my office daily. I ensure papers and work will not pile up on my desk. I am not a hoarder. My boss can come to my office at any time and I am prepared to show him my latest project, evaluations and counseling statements on my subordinates, and past work completed. Organization doesn’t take time out of my day-to-day work because it is how I rest my brain. Picking up is good for “take five” break from the computer.

My wife does not organize on the same time table as me. I think she likes to host events at our house to force herself to organize. She makes sure the house is clean, but things go everywhere until the day people come over. On that day she works feverishly for hours to prepare for the party.

I figure my ten minutes of cleaning each day probably adds up to the same amount of time she puts into organizing weekly/bi-weekly. I can’t do it her way and she can’t do it mine. Maybe it’s genetic or a mixture of nurture and nature, but I’m certain of one thing. She doesn’t have organization. She won’t have it. I love her the way she is. –Carl Miller


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