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Weddings: Expertise Too Late

I have passed the “wedding” era of my life. I know this because my nephew got married yesterday. The best man asked me for advice on his speech, another groomsman asked me to write a recommendation letter for his upcoming job interview, and the maid of honor requested my wife to attend the ceremony rehearsal for oversight purposes.

As I watched the youngsters muddle through the reception I realized that they were nothing but scared children with no clue on the direction of life, or the hardships they’ll soon face. It’s been a long time since I was afraid to speak in front of a crowd, or since I worried I’d make an ass out of myself dancing, or since I went into a structured event completely unprepared and oblivious that I was in charge. It was nice to see. I’m sure I looked similar to these kids at my wedding or when I served as a best man.

I wanted to offer more advice than that requested of me, but I saw that they wouldn’t understand anyway. They will figure out their own way just as I figured mine. There may be hope for the future. –Carl Miller


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