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Figuring Out Happiness

I’m figuring out this happiness thing. I deployed to Kuwait last week. This will be my third year-long deployment to the desert, but this is first time that I cried when I left.

I couldn’t stop crying at the sound my wife’s voice over the phone for three days. I’m good now. And I realized in my new “goodness” that I was sad this time because I connected with my wife more before this deployments than the last ones.

On the prior two deployments I worked until the last few days prior to leaving. When I left I still had a separate world (work) away from my wife so life continued with little adjustment after I left. Before this deployment I took leave for 45 days (and I stopped working for a few weeks before that because I had “short timers” syndrome before leaving Virginia).

During this two to three-month period with my wife our world interlocked. No longer was I fully engaged with the Army and her with the children. We teamed up to tackle issues, spent time together, and enjoyed our down time. As cheesy as it sounds, we became one. I was happy. I made the deepest and most binding connection that I had ever made in my adult life.

I realize that when I get back to the United States the most important thing I can do with my life is build and maintain that connection again. I will devote all my efforts toward it. Carl Miller


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