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All Consuming Love

I think that love is the answer. I know we’ve been married for 11 years, so I’m slow to reach this conclusion. But I feel this love and it’s all consuming. And it’s not just feeling. It’s action, it’s thoughts, it’s connections, it’s everything, and everything leads to you. I refuse to let go of love, and I’ll do anything to maintain it.

We’re here for a short time, and that’s been on my mind lately. Since we’re here for such a short period the ultimate purpose for the world can’t be about us as individuals. The purpose can’t be about any individual. Our purpose could be about the whole lot of us, though. So what has the power to bind all of us together? Love. Love is the connecting factor. I’m in love with love, and the feeling of how I love you.

So how can I get better at love so I can feel it more often and stronger? Practice. I have to practice through you, and you through me. Between us we can feel love all the time, and we can practice on the kids too – maybe they can learn to love earlier than I did. Our actions toward each other, as a family, will affect our personalities over time making us more loving people, people who will do right by our group and beyond.

I’ve reached the conclusion that you are my key. My key to enlightenment, happiness, purpose, and well….love. I don’t think I could have found this overwhelming feeling with just anyone. You and I were molded for each other. We were meant to be. I am not whole without you. Hence why I feel incomplete right now.

Love ya, Carl Miller


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