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Mood Overhaul

It’s weird how mood affects outlook. Moods adjust with outside influence, chemical imbalances within, and patterned thought processes. Perspective on life can appear positive one moment and negative the next – with no warning. The funny thing is that mood influences world outlook in total. The viewer sees all outside events and inside feelings through the lens of a singular recent negative event. Negative moods rearrange the priorities on what the viewer thinks about. It’s a snowball. Once the negative snowball starts rolling downhill the negative feelings gather increasing amounts of negative snow, and the ball gets bigger and bigger. This happens more with negative moods than positive.

Positive feelings have the power to minimize troubles, but the troubles remain nonetheless. Negative moods obliterate the positive.

I have to figure out a way to recognize the negative mood, see it for what it is, and eliminate it. I have to learn to refocus my attention and feel the positive aspects of my life. This sounds easy. I’m sure it isn’t though. Living positively means working hard to maintain the positive machine. It’ll need oil changes, fuel to run on, and at times major repairs, a tune up, and hopefully not too many overhauls. Carl Miller


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