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Defeating Goliath

I need to stay dangerous. Dangerousity in the boardroom or office environment requires navigating small groups, and one-on-on interactions, giving the perception of impenetrability through deceptive or real means. If I can get individuals in the group to think defensively they can’t formulate a plan for attack. The enemy can’t throw a power punch while back-peddling. My activity, or perceived activity, has to force them into a passive state.

I need to find a degree program at the Master’s level that will help me sharpen my blades. I’ll finish the Master’s in Psychology in June. I have a background in history, philosophy, and political science. All these tools assist. I was thinking I could go for a tech degree, but what can this do to help me in the boardroom? Maybe literature? In studying novels the reader should seek to find nuances of people’s motives which may help me, but the stories aren’t real.

I need something to help me win the head-to-head battles. I have learn to defeat Goliath. Carl


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