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Incite versus Efficiency

I’m not certain that I’ll need online college to continue learning. But there is something about deadlines and assignments that make me work toward something. So I have the BA in History and Political Science, the MS in Psychology, and now I would like to increase my understanding in Philosophy. I think it forces the student to look at the world with a new perspective and to search for creative answers to problems others were only barely aware existed.

I don’t think many of my bosses understand themselves or their organizations. They are the outputs of business schools which seek to increase efficiency and build upon ideas. What they don’t see is that efficiency is based upon routine. Routine and low tolerance for error. This is what kills innovation. They won’t be able to build upon ideas in an innovationless environment.

Innovation centers are loose. This climate allows for mistakes. It encourages them. It wants people to pursue their interests because people can only gain incite when they are actively working. No one gains incite by following the Standing Operating Procedures. The workers don’t have to be creative when their jobs are laid out in the procedures they must follow to produce work with zero errors. Someone else did the thinking for them so they focus on getting from “said step 6” to “said step 7,” and then on to 8.

I don’t want to be the SOP building leader. Or the SOP enforcing leader. I want to motivate people. Carl


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