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Attack or Concede?

The problem leading up to the boardroom is in not knowing what information your opponent has or how they will use it. Most people pull the trigger too fast and indicate an issue to you through an “FYSA” email before the meeting, or by hinting at issues during small talk in the office. The small talk and FYSAs can serve as nudges that something larger will come out in the meeting. So, the preparation begins.

I, in the past, waited until the meeting. Or, if I wanted to appear to be a good guy I’d send an email to my prey 30 minutes before the meeting. This allows very little preparation time for my opponent, but also enables me to say “I sent you the details on this earlier today.” Maybe I can make the attack and appear to be the good guy just looking out for the welfare of the organization.

I recently changed some tactics after a Lieutenant Colonel found out I had information before a meeting by looking at an email string. He called me and threatened to make my children disappear if I told anyone (figuratively). Lately I’ve been communicating issues directly to him and refraining from bringing up contentious topics in the meetings. I don’t feel as good collaborating. I feel like I’m cheating myself of the glory of an incite – and handing my hard work and analysis to my prey for the prey’s betterment.

I think I’ll go on the attack again. Carl


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