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Criminal Mind Leads to Superhuman Learning

All thoughts we have are the result of neural connections. Neurons are cells that fire chemicals to one another through synapse gaps and form bonds with one another based on like receptors. New connections are formed, between neurons, when we learn something because a new situation causes fear chemicals (such as epinephrine) or reward chemicals (such as dopamine) to be released by the neurons carrying those chemicals that form new links to neurons with receptors for those chemicals. Chemical firings, by neurons, form a sort of neural network of thousands/millions of neurons for each task we learn or memory we have. In the network, one neuron lights up the next, which lights up the next, which lights up the next, which produces feelings which lead to thoughts.

Vicodin assists dopamine receiving/firing neurons to fire more often and receive more dopamine, which causes new links between neurons and new networks to form. New links between neurons is learning. If doctors prescribe Vicodin for people to take prior to stressful/high learning curve situations I think the learning will occur faster. They should help us optimize and strategize our drugging. -Carl


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