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Theory of Mind

It’s neat that I can read another person and understand that something that is not important to me is important to that guy. Cussing is no big deal to me, neither are religious jokes (as long as they are funny), racial jokes (as long as they are funny), or gender jokes (once again….as long as they are funny). Despite my liking to laugh at content that others may find cruel, I know that I should never (in any situation) tell these jokes myself, because someone may repeat that I told the joke. I also know with whom I have to act like these jokes aren’t funny, and with whom I should act repulsed around.

It’s theory of mind. I have a theory of how you see the world. I guess at your priorities, desires, and impressions in every moment I’m around you. I don’t realize I’m doing it, but I am……and you are too. The more I get to know you, hear your comments, learn your desires, and see how you react to differing situations the more my theory of your mind becomes accurate. I’ll never be able to experience what you experience….but I can come close. -Carl


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