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The Promise on Hulu

Just watched “The Promise” on Hulu. Holy Shit! I had no idea that the British were so involved in the Jewish Occupation of Palestine after World War II….and they tried to halt it. AND the Jewish people fought the British! AND the Jewish people used terrorist tactics we see the Palestinians using today! A completely eye-opening mini-series. My view of the Palestine/Israel controversy is forever deepened by the show.

At first, it’s weird to think that a people subjected such hatred based on race could inflict the same type of pain on another group based on race. Maybe it was a sort of PTSD on a societal scale that has echoes still effecting relations today. So, the German treatment of the Jews caused psychological pain that the Jews took (are taking?) out on the Palestinians, and the Palestinian psychological pain caused by the Jews is returned on Western Society in general. Maybe….-Carl


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