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F@*k You, ISIL: I’ll Eat Your F@*king Face!

I hope we go back to Iraq. It’s job security for me. If we don’t go back, It’d be nice if ISIL took Iraq and went to Kuwait or Jordan. We’d be sure to jump in then. I understand that these ISIL fuckers stole $½ million from Basra so they’re the richest organization in the world, but I’ve been watching their work on Youtube, and an MRAP’ll fuck up a couple of guys in a sedan wearing sandals. Fuck their automatic rifles, fuck their cruelty, fuck their lack of training and disciple, and fuck them.

I don’t know if you realize it but a rifle won’t do shit to an MRAP. Fire at us all day, bitch, we’ll be nice and comfy. Their IEDs aren’t strong enough to take the MRAP’s V-Shaped bottom either – unless they get a perfect hit – which aint likely given that their aim has proven fucking worse than the Imperial Storm Troopers in Star Wars.

The key is they also won’t be able to rely on the public to hide them this time around. The ISIL is killing the populace. They have no local support. We can take them lickity-split. Man!, I wanna bag me some ISILs.

Fuck all of y’all who say it’ll drain the economy, too. Our standard of living hasn’t fallen since 2001. The market is higher now than it was then. I can eat as many steaks and hamburgers as I want at any meal. I drive a fucking truck that uses shitloads of gas and I have the money to afford it. My standard of living has gone up over the past decade despite the war…….and maybe because of it. This war shit is good for America. We’re built for this. We are a warring nation. Fuck you, ISIL. I’ll eat your fucking face! -Carl


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