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Toiling Our Lives Away – We Have No Choice

The trouble with jobs is that they steal our living time away from us. We toil away our existence, what little we have of it, doing things that benefit others. And our toils enable others to have more time. The people at the top of the food chain spend all their days, hours, and minutes doing things they want to do. We don’t. We can’t. Money provides opportunity. Not just the opportunity to buy things and travel, but the opportunity to choose a path all their own. Their paths are open without barriers or a set road to travel on. Our road is drawn by them. Our path is not ours…and it never will be.

We aren’t free. We aren’t as enslaved as people of the past, or as people living outside of the western world, but we aren’t free. Our minds aren’t free either. Our time spend toiling implants ideas from sources that we can’t choose ourselves. You can’t block out the ideas, because without embrace of the ideas we realize that we’re spending our only time on earth walking down a pointless path. The idea is so oppressive and unbearable that we block it out…and embrace. Soon we find that we’re spending our off-work time honing our skills to get better at the path others laid out for us instead of edging out a path for ourselves. Once in middle age, we don’t even remember how to spend our free time. -Carl


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