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The Poor and the Fat

If you think about it, fatties and poor people are in the same boat. In order to lose weight you have to starve yourself, which is difficult for the portly. It’s hard because the body craves enough calories to store energy in case of need. Thin people’s bodies need less calories to store the energy because they need less calories to maintain their current body weight. Excess calories are like a bank. The chubbies need more calories to store enough to build up an energy storage. So, flab-bottoms have to face months of low energy to lose the weight – because they won’t have the excess energy stored on a daily basis. It’s easy for the thin to maintain. So, the trick is to be thin…it’s easy for them to maintain.

Exercise is easier for the thin as well. It’s fucking hard as shot for a pudge-face to run 6 miles and burn a thousand calories (about 1/3rd of a pound). They aren’t in shape…so they can’t go that long. They won’t burn enough going one mile (about 1/20th of a pound). And since they can’t exercise to burn the weight they’ll have to starve themselves for longer. Who can maintain starvation for months? Can you imagine going from 4,000 calories per day to 1,400? That’s what they’ll have to do to lose less than a pound per day. If you’re 200 pounds overweight you’ll be low in energy for two years to lose that weight. Noone can commit to that.

Poor folks don’t have money or access to education. So, they can’t move up in a job. All of their money goes toward bills, and if they want to save they have to starve themselves of necessities and especially luxuries. Say they decide to put aside $200 per month…$50 per week…money they would have spend on cable TV or a dinner out of the home. That $200 per month only adds up to $1,200 per year. Chump change! The rich have education, and make more money than the poor. They can afford all their bills and have plenty of excess for necessities. They can still watch cable and go out to eat as much as they want with enough to spare for saving for retirement.

The secret is to start out in shape and rich. You have to be born into it. -Carl


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