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Capitalism, Christianity, and Evolution —->Does Anyone Else See This?

Capitalism, in business terms, is similar to evolution, in survival terms. It’s kind of weird that it works out that way, too. Capitalism is the brain child of Adam Smith, propagated by Christian nations. Well, I guess evolution is the brain child of Charles Darwin, propagated by people who live in Christian nations. But, the people that push Capitalism, the ones who champion it, are likely to be Christians. These Christians favor survival of the fittest in the business world. They may even argue that it is the natural way for a business environment to be run. But they deny evolution, arguing that it is not the natural way of things. Does anyone else see this? -Carl


3 responses to “Capitalism, Christianity, and Evolution —->Does Anyone Else See This?

  1. Linuxgal

    Nobody needs to “push” capitalism, it is the default economic system, interrupted for nearly a century by a theory of central planning that collapsed under its own contradictions in every country except North Korea, returning to the equilibrium status, which is capitalism.


    • That makes sense. It’s in line with survival of the fittest and evolution. It is natural and the “default.” Life is competition —> I don’t think that can change.


      • Linuxgal

        Christians who deny evolution do not have a very good grasp at how their own deity and scriptures evolved. These are the sorts of folks who push a King James Version only position, because if it was good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for them. 😉


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