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Relationships are Reciprocal

Relationships are reciprocal. The whole reason to form a relationship is for mutual benefit. A lot of times we have relationships as fail-safes. Maybe one person gives more in the relationship throughout the relationship, or at one point in the relationship, but the general-giver knows that the general-taker will reciprocate when it comes time for the general-giver to take.

The relationship dissipates when one person in the relationship fails to assist at a time when the other is in need. The one who failed either didn’t realize the need of the taker (in this instance) or believed that the relationship dissipating was more to their benefit than helping the taker in this instance. Not giving is a risk the giver is willing to chance.

If one person I’m in a relationship with isn’t willing to give should I intuit from this that they are willing to chance the relationship? What’s the worth of me continuing this relationship if I can’t count on them when I am in need? Maybe I’ve asked for them to give too much. If they feel that they’ve given too much does that bring the relationship to an end? -Carl


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