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How Much of Me Do I Owe My Children?

I need more time. Right now, I’ve put my interests on hold because I figure I need to spend time with the children, do what they’re interested in, and pursue activities that will benefit their development. I feel obligated to do this because I can imagine that they won’t be around much in ten years….and at that point I’ll have time to pursue my interests, right?

Ya see? the answer to this question is not that obvious to me: Should I spend every second I can with my kids or should I allot myself time everyday to continue developing myself outside of my professional role? I have dreams of learning new languages, reading books and studying subjects that will broaden my view on life, and I’d also like to spend some time enjoying life doing things I want to do. Is it wrong to want this when my kids are still 7 and 9 years old? I want to do right by them…I want them to feel loved…I want them to be successful…I want them to return the love when I get old. How do I do this and still maintain a personality of my own? How much of me do I owe my children? -Carl Miller


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