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Obsessing over the Irrational (Chewing Disgusts Me)

I have this weird thing where the sound of chewing, crunching, slurping, or any smacking sound that another person’s mouth can make is disgusting to me. It’s terrible and I want to change how I feel about it, but I can’t. Is this OCD? I feel like it is OCD because I’m obsessing about something that is irrational. I’m sort of like the OCD guy with Mysophobia (Urban Dictionary’s germaphobia) who keeps washing his hands because he touched a door or a towel or something…he knows that it is irrational for him to think the towel has something disgusting on it, but he can’t stop thinking about how disgusting the towel is, so he washes his hands repeatedly to sooth the disgust feeling.

This is how the sound of chewing is to me…except I don’t have compulsive activity to go along with the irrational obsessive thought. The obsessing doesn’t interfere with my work life. I can push through it and people I work with don’t know I’m suffering.

I told my wife about my problem and she’s not extremely supportive. I think she’s more offended than anything…like she thinks I’m insulting her by my obsessing over everyone’s chewing in my head. So I’m real careful not to say anything. In fact, I never say anything when I’m suffering from the obsessive thoughts because it would just sound crazy to other people…

Am I doomed to suffer in silence for a lifetime? What can I do? Are there others out there like me? -Carl Miller


2 responses to “Obsessing over the Irrational (Chewing Disgusts Me)

  1. Abby ⋅

    Well, I feel sort of the same way, except only about chewing really…and then it’s mostly the sound of my own chewing that grosses me out. It started sort of suddenly, and now I have to be doing something else while I eat because just the idea and sound of chewing is disgusting to me and I need to take my mind off it because (obviously) I still need to eat…


    • Different but the same. I don’t mind myself – I mind everyone else.

      We’d be good as a pair. You would hate the sound of your chewing and I would too so we’d have plenty to talk about LOL!!! Just kidding – that’s a recipe for disaster…


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