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Easiest, Best, Free-est Language Learning Program:

Now, it’s not a miracle worker, but over the past six months I’ve learned Spanish well enough to read a newspaper, over three months I’ve learned French well enough to read safety instructions on baby changing tables in public restrooms, and in two weeks I’ve learned German well enough to….well….not do much with it yet, but I’ll get there. It’s free. is just giving this stuff away. I saw it in a TedTalk, so I gave it a shot. It absolutely makes Rosette Stone and other paid-for language learning programs obsolete.

In the Army, proficiency in certain languages earns you extra money. The Turkish Program will be ready in November of 2014. I plan to learn it, and then get paid. Maybe I can even use it against those ISIL (ISIS) f@#kers. (Side Note: I saw ISIL was working their way toward the Turkish border – this is a good thing. It’ll push the US one step closer to getting involved…job security for me!)

I’ve found over the past half-year that the more I learn in one language the easier other languages become. A lot of the words have similar roots. Duolingo is also available as a phone app. So, I’ve made it part of my daily routine to work 10 minutes on each language each day on my laptop…and whenever I find a lull in the day at work I get in bonus learning on the phone app.

I recommend it. -Carl


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