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Purpose of Life: What were we doing again?

I see it now. Schopenhauer was right. As humans we have so many wants that we could never satisfy them all for long, so we remain in a constant state of dissatisfaction. If we do temporarily satisfy all our wants we aren’t filled with joy…we’re left feeling empty of want…which is plain boredom. There isn’t any point to our lives outside of procreating to create new procreating wanters. All of life is without point or purpose. No one knows what we’re supposed to be doing here. –Carl Miller


3 responses to “Purpose of Life: What were we doing again?

  1. Well, I know what I’m supposed to be doing here, thanks to my guru and the Vedas 🙂 One knows, when nothing else but that one thing that takes precedence in the heart, over all other.


    • Makes sense…I think I might be passive when facing the world though. I don’t feel a great desire to create or effect anything, but I do like to take the world in. I like reading, learning, understanding in ways that I didn’t before. I also like seeing the world through the lens of new chemicals…but I’m certain the point of life isn’t to drink Monsters, smoke weed, and pop pills.

      Even if we think we know our purpose in life…how do your actions matter? What would the effect of your actions be in a world destined to end by the hands of man or nature? What’s the point? -Carl Miller


      • Yes, I sometimes feel, what’s the point, when the world is seemingly heading to self-destruct, because of the demoniac powers that be. But you know, darkness only appears to be winning at the moment. It will never ultimately win over light. So, when each of us shine the light in our own little way, it will all sum up to create a brighter and brighter spectrum. Then the Upper Hand steps in and puts that final mark on things which truly makes a difference. But shining of that light first begins with our own atma (soul). We first make our lives perfect, then take it from there. When I say ‘lives’ I mean our real selves, because everything outside the heart, is temporary and impermanent. We are not these bodies – we are eternal spirit souls, living, have lived and will live again.


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